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Chicago, IL |

"Since day one, Gerry has been an incredible mentor, strategist, and friend. As a founding partner, he encouraged us to build Pear in our own way while always being available to help out when needed. Whenever he gave advice, he consistently put the interests of the company above all else. Gerry is someone that I hope to again partner with on a future project""

Amish Tolia, co-founder
Role Co-Founder

Delivering superior brand engagement

Since its inception in 2009, Pear (formerly Apparel Media Group) has become a leading provider of digital brand engagement advertising solutions to major brands and agencies. This lead to full backing by CustomInk, the leading provider of custom apparel and other solutions for groups and occasions, in 2012. Pear allows groups to find a sponsor in less than 60 seconds and helps them to activate their community in order to raise up to $1000 or more towards custom shirts, cash donations, products and services, or food and catering from national and local businesses alike. AMG / Pear has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, The WSJ, FastCompany, Crains, and the Chicago Tribune.

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the Lala

New York, NY |

"With incredible mentor support, business expertise and passion for leading young companies to career wins, Gerry has empowered us as first-time co-founders."

Katherine Crowley, co-founder
Role Investor / strategic advisor

The ultimate lifestyle destination for bright, adventurous, college women.

the Lala provides thoughtful, enlightening, honest media to women ages 18-24 in a time when many other media properties are still focused on building traffic through shock and shame. the Lala’s substantive content, however, stands out because it taps into positive messages about social responsibility and unity…leading to 2M+ monthly unique visitors, presence on 100+ college campuses throughout the US, and industry-leading social engagement levels.

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Founder Suite

San Francisco, CA |

Slane has been a great partner for Foundersuite. The team there contributed significantly to our Ultimate Startup Docs collection, and has always been available for great advice and strategic guidance.”

Nathan Beckord, Founder
Role Founding Investor

Tools to get startup sh!t done

Every startup is unique, yet each faces the same issues when raising capital, setting up the company infrastructure, and communicating with investors and other stakeholders. The FounderSuite team realized that most founders need a navigation system to guide their companies and a set of startup-specific tools to work more efficiently and effectively. Because of that, FounderSuite - a set of tools, software, and templates for entrepreneurs - was born. FounderSuite is used and loved by 7700+ companies in 91 countries, and has been featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, HuffPost, Forbes, Inc.

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Indianapolis, IN |

"Slane has been an incredible partner for Adproval. Beyond the obvious benefit of the capital infusion, the availability and advice of their team has been invaluable. As a first time founder, there have been countless times I have needed a sounding board for big decisions, connections to new potential partners and clients, or just a group of experienced professionals willing to listen to me. I'm glad to have had a relationship with Slane through those times"

Matthew Anderson, founder
Role Investor / Advisor

The easiest way to manage and sell blog ad space directly to approved sponsors.

AdProval believes that bloggers are more equipped to sell ad space on their blog directly to advertisers than is a generic ad network. But because it can be a daunting process for new and experienced bloggers alike, AdProval provides the tools to simplify the sale, setup, and payment process for bloggers and their sponsors, allowing bloggers to form sustainable sponsor relationships and build community around the blog in a way that lets them spend more time doing what they do best: creating.

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Trade Secret Chocolates

Indianapolis, IN |

"Slane Capital provided the resources, wisdom, subject matter expertise,and patience to enable our business to grow and pivot through early stage development."

Matt Rubin, Founder
Role Investor

A unique experience with every batch

Built out of a need to satisfy the sweet cravings of a loved one with dietary restrictions, Trade Secret Chocolates uses only three simple ingredients - Roasted Cacao Nibs, Organic Cane Sugar, and Organic Cacao Butter - and a proprietary small batch process to unlock the unique and complex flavors found within each batch of premium cacao beans. Similar to fine wines, great coffees, and premium olive oils, high quality cacao beans all carry a signature flavor. Differences in varietals, region of origin (including beans from Peru, Nicaragua, Madagascar, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela), harvesting method, and weather all serve to make each batch a unique tasting experience.

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New York, NY |

"Slane has provided an incredible amount of support, time and strategy to put together the team and resources needed for CoatChex to succeed. Their understanding of brands, technology capabilities and product innovation have played a large role in getting CoatChex to where we are today."

Derek Pacque, Founder
Role Investing Co-Founder

The Latest in Ticketless Technology

CoatChex is focused on bringing innovation and value through today’s technology to an industry that hasn’t been touched in decades. CoatChex’s patent-pending ticketless process optimizes check-in and retrieval functions and reduces the risks that are commonly associated with checking coats and other personal items, making it the hassle-free solution to running a secure, profitable, and efficient coat check station. CoatChex has worked with partners like JetBlue, Nike, AmEx, Chase, Bud Light, Maxim, Youtube, Marriott, ESPN, The Color Run, Madison Square Garden, Space Ibiza, and NBC Universal. CoatChex has been featured in USA Today, Shark Tank, Forbes, Entrepreneur Mag, MSNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg.

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Chicago, IL |

"As the Worthee team has worked to develop a truly disruptive model in a highly competitive, fragmented space, Slane has been a true partner - resolute, steadfast and always available"

Jared Golden, Founding Board Member
Role Investor

Professionally-trained dog walkers at a moment’s notice

At Worthee, we like to keep it simple. That’s why we start with the most important ingredient first: LOVE. The remaining ingredients: top notch, first class, out of this world, super detailed training from Worthee University. Simply put, we take a bunch of dog lovers and equip them with out of this world dog handling skills to make sure you and your dog receive nothing but the best love, care and attention!

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Bloomington, IN |

"Slane as an early stage investor has provided business development support to Choir in its long-term effort to improve digital-age skills for people and organizations"

Christian Briggs, Co-Founder
Role Investor

Digital Literacy Platform

Due to the rapid pace of change in technology, digital skills are particularly difficult to maintain. The initial version of Choir was developed to help organizations efficiently improve and track digital skills. Like Rosetta Stone language software or Lumosity brain training, Choir strives to create habits of ongoing learning and assessment.