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Kingmaker Foods

Indianapolis, IN |(website coming soon)

SQF 2000 Level 3 food manufacturer

Kingmaker Foods is a state-of-the art food manufacturing company located on the West Side of Indianapolis. Manufacturing capacity includes dry seasonings, coatings, powders as well as wet blends (i.e. bbq sauces, dressings, etc.). With a full R&D team on staff as well as QA / Food Regulatory personnel to ensure the highest standards in food production, Kingmaker is well positioned to manufacture products for a wide array of customers including food startups, retailers, foodservice, and CPG companies.

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Dinner Call

Indianapolis, IN | (website coming soon)

Billion Family Dinners Challenge: Eat Together Again.

DinnerCall’s mission is to remind families of the importance of being present in the moment while sharing a meal together. Millions of families today rush from one activity to the next, too busy to take 15 minutes to sit down together at the dinner table. However, research has shown that people who regularly eat together enjoy significant benefits including lower obesity levels, lower substance abuse rates, more positive relationships, and happier and more secure children. DinnerCall created the Billion Family Dinners Challenge to encourage families to come back to the dinner table and eat together again. Participation in the challenge is easy: users just download the free DinnerCall app, track their family dinners, and share their experiences with the hashtag #BillionDinners. Together, we can remind this world of the importance of families, friends, and strangers alike sitting down to connect over a shared meal, and point the trajectory of society towards a more loving, inclusive, and healthy attitude.

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Prof Suite

Indianapolis, IN

Products that help professors make the classroom a better experience

ProfSuite was created out of a desire to do things differently in the post-secondary classroom. Traditional lectures didn’t have a lasting impact on students, and we felt there must be a better way to help them learn. A series of tools was created over Gerry’s 11+ year teaching career at the IU Kelley School of Business under constant iteration and experimentation in the classroom. This lead to the creation of ClassFlip (a tool to organize balanced teams and put quiz grading in the students’ hands), IdeaShred (garnering crowd-sourced feedback on startup ideas), The First-Time Founder’s Equity Bible (the first-time entrepreneur’s ultimate resource to raising capital), and The Venture Game (an in-class simulation that preps students for the startup capital raising process).